Being a marine biologist has allowed me to study the changes in organisms and their behaviours over time. My skills and knowledge has allowed me to play my part allowing a safer global commerce through the protection and control of introduced marine species

Kim Grey

A contract marine biologist who has been involved in the marine science industry for over 30 years.

Kim is a registered Introduced Marine Species (IMS) inspector accredited with the WA Department of Fisheries. Wetsides Quarantine Inspections of vessels have been undertaken for pest species for; Chevron, KJV Gorgon, Chevron Wheatstone, McDermotts and Woodside. His regularly works in China, Indonesia, Singapore as well as Western Australian locations such as Karratha, Port Hedland and Broome.

(cont'd..) In addition to this he operates a 10m jet boat (SJA) with a 2C survey which is set up for scientific survey work such as dive surveys and general sample collection. This vessel is on a trailer and can be transported to northern or southern locations in Western Australia.

What's been happening

Invasive Marine Species in North Western (NW) Australia.

For the past 4 years I have been based in the Pilbara region, and have been involved in extensive surveys around Dampier marine loading facilities being Woodside, Rio Tinto and Dampier Port Authority to look at "Invasive Introduced Marine Pest Species"

(cont'd..) I was also contracted to BHP & Port Hedland Port Authority to monitor corals, water quality and data buoys in the harbour and offshore. For the past 2 years I was involved in coral monitoring for the Woodside Pluto project at Dampier. Other work has involved Level 2 Diving & Supervising, monitoring of corals in the NW of Western Australia. Extensive coral monitoring has been done in Dampier & Cape Lambert for Woodside & Pilbara Iron over the past 4 years.

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